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Viral Marketing Through Live Chat Events

    At Chatroll, our customers are always looking for ways to get more people to attend their live chat events. That’s why we’ve built viral marketing tools right into Chatroll. Chatroll’s Viral Sharing features use Facebook and Twitter to help your chat events go viral and grow your audience in real-time.

    Viral events made easy

    Once you’ve set up Chatroll for your live event, anyone viewing your chat will periodically see Share and Tweet buttons.


    Audience members can click the Share or Tweet buttons to post an invitation message to their feed, along with a link. Because the buttons are presented within the chat at the main point of engagement, audience members are much more likely to interact and share.

    Anyone who clicks the link goes right to your event page. The result: more people hear about your event and can join in real-time, all because excited audience members decided to share. Audience members who join because of viral promotion can also share, which can lead to an exponential growth in audience size. Sweet!

    Your message, your way

    Just click the Sharing menu in your Chatroll dashboard to customize the share message. You can even add hashtags. #slick


    If you need to turn off sharing, you can do that from the Sharing menu as well.

    There’s a graph for that

    Chatroll’s analytics show you the number of people who shared your event. Take a look at the Share Button Clicks graph under Analytics > Engagement in your Chatroll dashboard to see your viral promotion in action.

    Share Button Clicks Metric

    Viral marketing is one more way you can use live chat events to reach bigger audiences and interact more effectively. It gives you an incredible opportunity to reach people you otherwise wouldn’t have reached.

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