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How To Promote Your Brand Using Custom Live Chat Events

    Live chat events such as webinars, live Q&A’s and information sessions require many components working together seamlessly to deliver a great brand experience.

    Customizing the look and feel of your chat might seem like a small touch, but it can have a big impact with your audience and pay dividends over time.

    At Chatroll, one of our customers’ favorite features is the ability to fully customize the look and feel of the chat interface. Chatroll provides tools to make simple customizations with just a few clicks, along with the ability to customize as deeply as you want using the full power of Custom CSS. Here’s how customization can help make your brand the highlight of the show.

    Make your brand stand out from the crowd

    Even simple customizations, such as using your brand’s colors in the chat, can help your chat stand out. Visual tweaks can help bring together all the elements on your site and elevate the overall impact of your live events.

    Chatroll makes it easy to make basic customizations, such as choosing interface colors, using intuitive controls built right into your Chatroll Dashboard:

    Going deeper with Chatroll’s Custom CSS

    If you really want to see the impact branded chat can make, your level of customization needs to go deeper. Branding your chat to make it more visually appealing can boost user engagement and create a sense of seamlessness that helps users feel more connected with your brand.

    By modifying Chatroll’s default CSS, you have the power to customize all aspects of your Chatroll chat. Simply paste your custom CSS code right into the Custom CSS field in the Dashboard, and it takes effect instantly. This is chat customization at its best – simple yet powerful.

    The possibilities using Custom CSS are endless. Customize the look of buttons, messages and users in the chat. Hide chat elements you don’t need. You can even add your own logo and tweak your chat dimensions for usability and high visual impact during your live events.

    Chatroll provides plenty of examples of how to use Custom CSS. Our CSS Code Library can get you started on the path to creating the ultimate branded experience.


    Branding your live event chat provides you with a unique opportunity. Because live chat is the focal point of user attention and engagement during your events, fully branding your chat keeps your brand continuously in the spotlight. This can lead to stronger brand recognition and positive associations that last long after the event is complete.

    You can find customization options, including Custom CSS, in your Chatroll Dashboard by clicking Settings -> Appearance.

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