Full List of Emoticons & Smileys for Chatroll

Looking for a list of emoticons & smileys for Chatroll?  Here it is!  To send an emoticon, simply type the emoticon text into your message and press the  Enter key.  Here’s the list:

🙂 Smile

:) =) :-)

😀 Grin

:D :d =d =D

😉 Wink

;) ;-)

😮 Surprised

:o :O =o =O

😛 Tongue

:p :P =P :-P :-p

Sly Grin

>:) >:D >:-) >=)

🙁 Frown

:( =( :-(

If you want to see a particular emoticon added to Chatroll, let us know in the comments!

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