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Add Live Chat to Your Site or Blog in 3 Easy Steps

    So you’ve decided to add live chat to your blog or website. Live Chat is a great way to let your visitors meet each other and discuss your content. Chat creates a community feel and adds interactivity and engagement that can set your site apart from the rest and keep your visitors coming back!

    We’ve put together 3 easy-to-follow steps to add live chat to your blog or website using Chatroll. Chatroll lets you quickly create live chats you can embed on any website. Here’s how:

    1. Create a Chatroll chat to use for your chat room. Sign up for a Chatroll account, then click “Create a Chat” and follow the simple steps. Choose a chat name that fits with your site or blog, as this name will appear in the chat box title. There are many powerful options for your to configure your chat, but for now let’s get the basics up and running!
    2. Copy the embed code from the Chatroll dashboard. On your chat’s dashboard (the page that appears after you create the chat) click the “Install Module” menu item on the left. Choose “HTML Install” then click the embed code and copy it.
    3. Paste the embed code in your blog or web site. Paste the code where you would like the chat room to appear in your site. If you have a blog, you can either place the chat in individual posts or pages, or put the chat in your site’s sidebar so visitors can access it on every page.

    (IMPORTANT: If you are using WordPress Visual Editor, make sure to switch to “HTML” or “Text” editor mode, otherwise WordPress will remove the “iframe” part of the embed code!

    That’s it! You should now have basic Chatroll live chat working on your site. Here’s what it should look like:

    If you need any extra help, head over to Chatroll Support and members of the Chatroll team will be happy to assist you!

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