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Add a live chat to your Joomla Site in 2 minutes!

    Get the Chatroll live chat module for Joomla and transform your site with live interaction!

    Follow these simple steps to add a live chat/shoutbox to your Joomla site in 2 minutes.  Lets get started!

    1. Create a Chatroll account.
    2. Once you are in your Chatroll account, click the Create a new live event button. Enter your chat’s name in the Name field, then click Continue.
    3. Click the Joomla icon.
    4. Download and save the Chatroll Extension for Joomla 1.6.
    5. From the Joomla Administration page, click Extensions > Extension Manager.
    6. Under Upload Package File, select the downloaded file from step 4 and click Upload & Install.
    7. Click Extensions > Module Manager and click on Chatroll Live Chat on the list of modules.
    8. Under Basic Options, paste the following text into the Chatroll Shortcode box:

    1. Under Details, click Select Position and choose the position where the module should appear. For example, position-12 (Middle top).
    2. Under Details, click the Published dropdown menu and select Published.
    3. Under Menu Assignment, click the Module Assignment dropdown menu and select On all pages.
    4. Click Save.

    The installation is complete! Here’s what your chat should look like:

    You can customize your chat by logging into your Chatroll Dashboard and clicking Settings. Through the Dashboard, you can manage all your Chatroll settings, including appearance, moderation tools and more. You can fully customize the position, size, and color of your chat to match the look and feel of your site.

    Why wait?
    Get Chatroll for Joomla Now »

    Have questions?  Ask the Chatroll Team!

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