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Add Live Chat to Your Drupal Site in 2 minutes!

    Looking to add live chat or shoutbox to enhance your Drupal site?  Look no further! Chatroll’s got the Drupal Chat Module for you.

    Follow these easy steps:

    1. Create a Chatroll account.
    2. Once you are in your Chatroll account, click the Create a new live event button. Enter your chat’s name in the Name field, then click Continue.
    3. Click the Drupal icon.
    4. Download the Chatroll Drupal Module and extract the files.
    5. Upload the Chatroll folder to the sites/all/modules folder on your server. (You may need to create the modules folder.)
    6. Click Administer > Site building > Modules. Scroll down to the Chatroll module and check the Enabled checkbox. Click Save configuration.
    7. Click Administer > Site building > Blocks.
    8. Find the Chatroll block and click Configure.
    9. Copy the following shortcode text:
    10. Paste the shortcode into the Chatroll Shortcode block settings box.
    11. Click Save block.

    That’s it – you’re done! Here’s what your chat should look like:

    You can customize your chat by logging into your Chatroll Dashboard and clicking Settings. Through the Dashboard, you can manage all your Chatroll settings, including appearance, moderation tools and more. You can fully customize the position, size, and color of your chat to match the look and feel of your site.

    Why wait?
    Get Chatroll for Drupal Now »

    Have questions?  Ask the Chatroll Team!


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