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Add Chat to your WordPress Site in under 2 minutes!

    Here’s the easiest way to add chat to your WordPress site. If we’re fast, we can do it in two minutes or less! The clock is ticking, so let’s go!

    1. In your WordPress account, click Plugins > Add New.
    2. In the Search Plugins field, enter “Chatroll” and type the Enter key.
    3. Find Chatroll Live Chat and click the Install Now button.
    4. On the Installing Plugin screen, click Activate Plugin.
    5. Sign up for a free Chatroll account.
    6. Once you are in your Chatroll account, click the Create a new live event button. Enter your chat’s name in the Name field, then click Continue.
    7. Click the WordPress (Self-Hosted) icon.
    8. In the Add Chatroll to a WordPress Post or Page section, copy the short code from Step 3.
    9. Paste the code on your WordPress Post or Page where you want the chat to appear.
      Note: Use the HTML editor, as your chat may disappear if you edit your Post or Page in the Visual Editor.

    You’re done! Here’s what your chat should look like:

    Congratulations, you’ve just added real-time chat to your WordPress site! If you have any problems along the way, you can contact us for assistance.

    Note: If you don’t need Single Sign-On, you can click the HTML Website icon instead of the WordPress (Self-Hosted) icon on the installation page, which you can find by clicking Install Module from your Chatroll Dashboard.

    You can customize your chat by logging into your Chatroll Dashboard and clicking Settings. Through the Dashboard, you can manage all your Chatroll settings, including appearance, moderation tools and more. You can fully customize the position, size, and color of your chat to match the look and feel of your site.

    Why wait?
    Get Chatroll for WordPress Now »

    Have questions?  Ask the Chatroll Team!

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