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Add chat to your phpBB Forum in 2 Minutes!

    Looking for a live chat or shoutbox for your phpBB? Follow these instructions and you’ll be done in 2 minutes!

    1. Create a Chatroll account.
    2. Once you are in your Chatroll account, click the Create a new live event button. Enter your chat’s name in the Name field, then click Continue.
    3. Click the phpBB icon.
    4. Download and extract the Chatroll phpBB Mod.
    5. Copy phpbb_chatroll.php and chatroll.php to your phpBB includes/ subdirectory.
    6. Edit /includes/functions.php from your phpBB installation directory. After the first line (the <?php line), add the line:

      After the ‘BOARD_URL’ => $board_url line, copy and paste the ‘CHATROLL’ code from Step 3 in your phpBB installation instructions from your Chatroll account.
    7. Go to the Administration Control Panel.
    8. Select the Styles tab, and choose Templates from the Style Components menu.
    9. Click Edit on your current template.
    10. Enter {CHATROLL} where you want your Chatroll to appear. We recommend overall_header.html or overall_footer.html.
    11. Click Submit to save.

    You’re done! Here’s what your chat should look like:

    To make the Chatroll module bigger or smaller, re-edit includes/functions.php and change the ‘width‘ and ‘height‘ values on the line where ‘CHATROLL’ is defined.

    Get the Chatroll phpBB Chat Mod Now »

    Have questions?  Ask the Chatroll Team!

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