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Add a Free WordPress Chat Box to Your Blog in 60 Seconds!

Here’s the easiest way to add a free chat box to your WordPress blog. If we’re fast, we can do it in 60 seconds or less! We’ll use Chatroll live chat, so you don’t even need to install any plugins. The clock is ticking, so let’s go!

Update: Chatroll now has its own WordPress Chat Plugin!
  1. Create a Chatroll to use for your WordPress chat box. Click here to create a Chatroll for your site. Enter your Chatroll’s name in the Name box, then enter your account information and click Continue. The name you choose will appear in the chatbox title.

    Name your Chatroll WordPress chat
  2. Choose your WordPress Chat install instructions. If your WordPress blog is hosted on WordPress.com, choose the WordPress.com instructions. If you host your own WordPress blog (i.e. you can install WordPress plugins), choose the WordPress (Self-Hosted) instructions.

  3. For WordPress.com, paste the embed code into a post using HTML Editor, or into a new Text Widget. From the WordPress.com instructions, copy (Ctrl-C) the HTML embed code.

    Edit a post and click the HTML tab to switch to the HTML Editor. Paste (Ctrl-V) the code where you want the chatbox to appear.

    Note: You MUST switch to the HTML editor! Your Chatroll may disappear if you edit your post in the Visual Editor!
  4. For WordPress (Self-Hosted), install the Chatroll WordPress Chat Plugin. Follow the WordPress (Self-Hosted) instructions to find and install the plugin and add Chatroll to your sidebar, posts and pages.

  5. Customize your Chatroll. Click Continue to proceed to your Settings page. Use this page to manage all your Chatroll’s settings, including appearance, moderation tools and more.

You’re done! Here’s what your chat box should look like:

Congratulations, you’ve just chat-enabled your WordPress blog! If you have any problems along the way, just send an email to Chatroll Support and ask for help.

You’ve now covered the basics, but you’ll want to tweak your embedded chat box to maximize its success. Chatroll lets you customize the position, size, and color of the chat box to fit in perfectly and make the most of real-time interaction on your site.


1 R4bhi { 09.01.08 at 11:04 pm }

wow..thanks it’s so usefull for my blog

2 jeryy { 11.24.08 at 1:28 am }

hey…man thanks for the info, finally it’s up and running.
thanks again man.

3 Jeff { 12.16.08 at 3:50 pm }

So nice!
thanks for the tip!

4 kevin { 12.21.08 at 9:54 am }

Does chatroll allow users to communicate with each other while on my website or can they only communicate with the “admin” (me).


5 Jonathan McGee { 01.13.09 at 9:12 am }

Hi kevin,

Yes, Chatroll allows visitors to your site to communicate with you, any other admins you assign, and all other visitors.

This way, your visitors get to interact, discuss your content, and build a community around your site!


6 paintgirl2011 { 01.15.09 at 2:41 am }

wow that is very usefull for my website i will try it now plz open my website at http://www.paintgirl2011.wordpress.com and try it

7 Jacob Maentz { 04.07.09 at 1:01 am }

Appreciate the info. I will try and incorporate this into one of the sites I am working on.

8 Lee Trampleasure { 07.26.09 at 2:07 pm }

Wonderful! Installed with no problems. Now members of the Northern California/Nevada American Association of Physics Teachers (http://ncnaapt.org) will be able to chat with each other at 4:30 am on October 9th when the LCROSS mission (intentionally) crash lands into the moon. (See http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/LCROSS/main/)

9 Tony { 11.06.09 at 11:51 am }

Cool tool I think I will try it

10 Frank Kern Mass Control { 01.17.10 at 12:11 am }

This is a great post. I am actually looking for a widget that allows a person to IM me through AIM from my blog. Got any ideas? I am putting this on my site for a shout/idea box. http://www.justinkunst.com/


P.S. Digged and Tweeted!

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13 Juegos { 11.04.10 at 12:21 pm }

Thanks for the plugin Jonathan, any idea if this plugin is working or will be updated to work with the latest version of WordPress? 3?

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