The Obama Approach: How Live Chat is Building Brands

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President Obama’s July Twitter Town Hall meeting allowed him to connect with an entire country while dialoguing with individuals and it all happened live. Obama received over 70,000 tweeted questions, many of which came from people on mobile devices. Near the end of the event, tweets were answered in near real-time.

The ability to overcome limits of space and time to reach individuals wherever they are is the power of live social chat. Many organizations are already doing live webinars and video events, and they are realizing that making their events interactive allows them to reach more customers and impact larger audiences.

Live chat also gives credibility. Obama’s live broadcast helped him to seem unrehearsed, lending trust and authority to not only his words, but also to himself. In short, it elevated his brand.

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Free Live Chat for Multi-User WordPress MU + WPMu IFrame Issue

Several Chatroll members have been asking lately about how to add chat to their WordPress MU (multi-user) installation. Some of these members’ sites are very large: they host multiple WordPress MU blogs and serve hundreds or even thousands of users.

Adding real-time chat functionality to any large community site is useful for many reasons. While traditional blog posts are a great way for community members to publish their content, live chat gives members a chance to exchange ideas and help each other in a whole new way. The additional functionality you can offer is limited only by your imagination: live blogs, interviews, commentary for live events, virtual community meetings, and more.

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Add a Free Blogger Chat Box Widget to Your Blogspot Blog

Here’s the easiest way to add a free Blogger chat box widget (also known as shoutbox, chatterbox, or chat room) to your Blogspot blog. Adding a chat box widget to your blog is an easy way to build community on your site and keep your visitors coming back. It’s so easy we can do it in less than a minute. We’ll use Chatroll to create a chat box widget, customize it, and add it to your Blogger layout.

Here’s a screenshot of a Blogger blog with a chat box embedded in the main column:

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